How to train and recover from injuries.


On 23rd of January 2012 all of a sudden due to the unknown reasons I had block out and was about to lose consciousness. As later it was clear stated during medical check-up I had wrong blood circulation in the back of my head. I had to take some intensive treatment to recover, but all attempts were useless. Blood circulation couldn’t be recovered neither by medication treatment, not ever surgery. Even though after that I found power in myself to continue aikido practices.

Taking a lesson from this accident I would like to share my experience in recovering injuries with Aikido and other exercises. In this bulliten I would cover two major issues, the blood circulation and muscle spasm.

First of all I would like to cover blood circulation. Aikido exercises, especially ukemi (rolls and falls) and kamae (aikido stance), are forcing blood in the body to flow in the right way. In the book “Aikido & Dynamic Sphere”, Sensei Oscar Rathi, in the preface covers this topic. He had same difficulties as well at the time he have started practicing Aikido. After a several month Sensei Oscar had felt improvements. Same applies to me. After about a month of practices, intensive, six days a week, I feel less headaches and dizziness after fast body movements.

The reason of recovery lays in human’s pulse rate. If the pulse rate is kept on the level of 120 for continuous period of time (about two hours per day), the blood vessels start to set into natural position under the pressure of coming blood.

Training with Injuries

One of the often met injuries in Aikido is muscle spasm. Due to the fact that aikidokas do most of techniques using hip, stressing legs to drive as low as it possible, muscle spasm happen very often. I would suggest to make some number of stretching exercises to overcome that, but Aikido Yoshinkan Shudokan has already one in its syllabus! It is kihon dosa. While doing this exercise as a warm-up or in a free time before or after the class, legs, hips and other muscles are getting stretched. The Kihon Dosa invented over 50 years ago is basic of Yoshinkan Shudokan Aikido that leads Aikidoka forward. Despite of stretching the muscles, Aikidoka must care also about sufficient supply for the muscles. This issues may not seem so obvious for people who were born in tropics, but for me as a man born for to the North, climate makes sense. Affluent sweating cause the wash out of the Magnesium and Calcium form the body. Try constantly take food than contain Magnesium. They are Mango, Papaya, Coconut, Guava. Mostly all of them are tropical fruits. It is more pleasant and nice to eat them rather than take pills or feel pain.

Every injury in sports it is first of all punch on a moral condition and behavior of the individual. In boxing after opponent strikes so hard that you fall down, its hard to rise up, to keep fight, because your will is broken down.

Same applies to aikidokas, especially in the beginning of their journey. Hard falls, wrong flips and resistance with shite harms body. This causes the harm of will and spirit, Kohai (junior) is not willing to resume trainings. This kind of injury is very serious and it breaks will to win.

Train train and train.


/ Yelzhan Naribayev


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