Importance of Punctuality in Martial Arts

Punctuality Martial Arts
We often stress the importance to be on time to classes and hold a strict schedule for beginning and ending of a class in Shudokan. This practice coincides not only with the general etiquette of martial arts, as well as the relationship with the instructor and student yet also with something slightly more profound. When we practice techniques, timing is an important, if not the pervasive quality of a good execution of any Aikido movement. To blend with one’s opponent/partner includes that we have to travel not only the same direction but also along the same path of time. Failing to do so separates the successful execution from choreographed movements. In wartime, a split millisecond was the difference between life and death, whereas in peaceful times, this concept has yet remained and become a way to harmonize with the world around us. The concept of "Maai" 間合い is both an interval of space and time and the foundation of your movements. This space and time bond that is created in Aikido techniques does not end in class practice and extends outside the dojo, as it is imperative to continue to blend with ones surroundings by fitting in to this social construct of time. To come in perfect time for meetings, social gatherings and paying respect to your commitments in terms of delivering in time, is as much practice of your own concept of time as it is an act of virtue to others. Once you are able to blend with the time - only then are you able to manipulate this dimension by freeing yourself from such a mesh and truly be able to carve out your own path in life.
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