Services Provided

Women's Self Defense
A half day designed program based on Aikido principles. It is a hands-on workshop where participants are taught and practice the basic self defense, variations of physical escapes, control assailants & common basic movements applicable to ward off perpetrators.

Participants will be exposed to co-operative and repetitive intensive attack scenarios where they will be able to enhance their personal attitude of self-assuredness and success.

Women's Self Defence

Restraint and removal course
A half day or full day course. This hands-on workshop is practical and effective for law enforcement personnel, security personnel or crowd controller. Restraint & Removal techniques are based on Aikido principles and as taught to the Tokyo Riot Police. Techniques taught will focus on takedowns, immobilisations (Pins) and control & eviction techniques. The course been discovered in training of security personnel that enhances the morale of the participants other than providing them with the necessary knowledge related to their industry.

Restraint & REmoval

Corporate Aikido
Refreshing approaches in understanding and embracing the subject of management based on the principles of Aikido. Using a blend of spoken word and hands-on activities, have effectively trained, motivated & inspired a diverse range of clients.

Our seminars can directly assist in building effective and professional work teams. These principles are central to both the hands-on section and in developing skills for communicating with clientele, staff & team members.

Exercise Therapy
EXERCISE THERAPY is a form of non-invasive (drugless) therapy for muscular pains and joints disorders using exercise movements with the right dosage

  • to relief pains from imbalances of the musculo-skeletal structures (caused by activities of daily living, bad postural habits, injuries, psychological stress and physical inactivity (hypo-kinetic diseases) and its architecture from disuse or overuse
  • to reform the neuro-musculo-skeletal pathway and the multi-loop system in the elderly to enhance equilibrium and stability
  • to control body weight and body fat related diseases

Consultation and Therapy for:

  • Spinal Column – Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar and Sacral
  • Upper Extremities – Chest, Shoulders and Arms
  • Lower Extremities – Hips, and Legs
Exercise Therapy
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